Why cat and dog urine is bad for your carpet

Carpet and its care is always a topic of concern. Which carpet suits your decor and how to maintain it, is a lifelong talking point. Well kept carpets are always appreciated and give a rich look to a house. Keeping pets can be the biggest challenge on carpeted floors. You have to be always cautious while your pet is inside. If your newly new cat or dog urinates over the carpet then that will start a big exercise for you, i.e. peeing training for your cat or dog and cleaning the carpet to the cleanest level. Don’t think just take action at the earliest possible time. In this blog, you will read everything you should know about Why cat and dog urine is bad for your carpet and how to deal with them. These are words of carpet cleaning experts so there is no chance for anything bad. 

Harms Of Cat and Dog Urine Over Your Carpet!

Carpet is generally spread out on padding for the soft cushioning feel. As carpet is a porous artefact and urine will pass down through it to padding and to the floor. Cleaning urine from 3-4 layers is a matter of concern, exercise and time. Urine on drying stains the carpet which can affect the colour and feel of the carpet and starts giving a pungent smell which causes allergies, flayers sinus, contaminates the carpet badly by permitting bacterial growth and more. You cannot sit in a room for a short while as a full room will sting badly if the cat and dog met a urinal accident over the carpet laid in that room. 

DIY To Neutralise The Cat And Dog Urine From Your Carpet

Pet accidents on carpets are really common and most stubborn to deal with. As urine stains the carpet and gives a pungent odour that never dies without a professional cleanup. DIYs are always turned out to be hit and trial methods. You need a lot of studies before you can actually experiment with them. Therefore should be avoided where the possibility of getting a result is low. Still, data present on the internet suggest some DIYs that one can try in case the possibility of professional service is low. Check out the respective internet pages for the precise methods but the ingredients commonly used are vinegar, baking soda, liquid dish soap, water, soaking towels and a sponge. Try out for a DIY and not forget to repeat it till the desired result. 

Benefits Of Professional Cleaning Of Soiled And Stained Carpet 

As the damage due to cat and dog urine is caused by the multilayers joining the carpet, it’s better to call upon professional help to save the carpet from deep absorption damage. The major benefits of professional cleaning of soiled and stained carpets are like-

  1. You will get rid of that pungent ammonia smell at once whereas DIYs may fail in extracting the foul smells out.
  2. You are free to carry on your own scheduled work as the good carpet cleaning firms send licensed and trustworthy employees only.
  3. Sooner the better. The professionals do provide emergency services that will retain the softness of your carpet to the fullest, like as good as new. 

Choosing Experts Will Make You Stress-Free

Where you need to put your endless efforts, again and again, to get that stain and smell out; we are carpet cleaning experts and equipped in cleaning the urine of cats and dogs from the carpet with no time.  Choose us to give your carpet the best, as – 

  1. We act immediately once you call us or book us online
  2. We have experienced manpower
  3. We have advanced and biodegradable spot cleaning chemicals
  4. We have high power machinery for deep cleaning the absorbed urine or any other body fluids of animals or humans
  5. We offer customised packages as per the treatment required and the area of the carpet
  6. We are available throughout the year 24X7 

Should I Clean or Replace My Carpet?

Carpets are essential every day items and when you suddenly notice that your carpet is looking a bit dirty or used to look better before, then you might wonder, should I clean or replace my carpet? Moreover, repairing is always going to cost you less than buying a new one, that is true. But, there are signs that you should not ignore which indicate that you have to buy a new carpet. Furthermore, generally when your carpet is harbouring health risks like allergens or more frequently, then it’s probably time to change your carpet. Moreover, if your carpet has got stains but if there are only a few then you can simply clean it and there won’t be a need to replace it. To stop you from getting confused, here is the breakdown of your question “Should I clean or replace my carpet?”

Signs That You Should Clean Your Carpet 

If your carpet is having a lot of stains then not to worry at all! At this point, you can simply call in professional carpet cleaning services and have your carpet cleaned. Moreover, if you don’t wanna invest in professional carpet cleaning services then you can probably just do a D.I.Y to clean up the stains. Secondly, if you decide to invest in the professional services then it is sure that the stains will be removed, as they use professional tools and techniques to make your carpet all new looking. Furthermore, there is absolutely no issue if you call your local carpet cleaner and ask around about your current carpet situation. Here are a few signs that you should keep in mind to understand that your carpet simply needs cleaning 

  • Stains are always on the surface, that is they are superficial.
  • Floodwater does not damage your carpet.
  • If no mould or harmful allergens are growing on your carpet, then it simply needs cleaning.
  • If you have got pets at home and your carpet is starting to smell then it’s time you clean your carpet for good.
  • Moreover, if you haven’t cleaned your carpet for a year then you should immediately go for it. 
  • When your carpet is looking extremely dirty then give it a deep cleaning.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Carpet

Something to keep in mind is to make sure you try to get rid of every stain either by yourself or by a professional. Moreover, if a professional too cannot get that stain out of your carpet, then it’s a huge sign that you should buy a new carpet. Additionally, when buying a new carpet remember to buy a high-quality stain-resistant carpet. Therefore, ensuring no future stains damage your carpet. Furthermore, if your carpet is harbouring lots of mould and toxic allergens regularly, no matter how many times you clean your carpet, then you should immediately replace it. Here are some tips to keep in mind which indicate that you need to buy a new carpet

  • Multiple moulds are growing on your carpet.
  • Stains are stubborn and are not coming out even after calling a  professional carpet cleaning service. 
  • Multiple rips and tears on your carpet indicate that it’s time to replace your carpet.
  • A stinking carpet in which the odour has penetrated deep inside and is hard to get rid of even after multiple cleaning sessions. 
  • If your padding is getting old you will notice wrinkles on your carpet. Also, crinoline sounds will come too. Therefore, consider changing your carpet entirely.
  • Fading colour is also an indication that you need to replace your carpet. 
  • If you see any visible damage and it’s not getting repaired then consider changing it. 


In conclusion, it is absolutely important to always keep your carpet clean at all times. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that you are cleaning your carpet regularly. Secondly, if you haven’t got that much time, then simply calling a professional carpet cleaning service will save your time and hassle. Additionally, you must keep a regular cleaning schedule every six months to have your carpet cleaned. Also, if you think you can handle it then try fun D.I.Ys to clean your carpet. So, probably now you have a clear picture of “Should I clean or replace my carpet?”